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ETAIS - Estonian Scientific Computing Infrastructure

Estonian Scientific Computing Infrastructure (ETAIS) belongs to the Estonian roadmap of research infrastructures providing computing and storage resources for Estonian scientific community. ETAIS project is being carried out by a consortium of four institutions: University of Tartu, Tallinn University of Technology, National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics and The Education and Youth Board (Harno).

ETAIS aims to increase the competitiveness of the Estonian computing and data-intensive research disciplines by providing access to a new and modern scientific computing infrastructure. The immediate aim of the core infrastructure is to manage the the joint scientific computing infrastructure established for Estonian R&D, which allows Estonian researchers to successfully operate in computing and data-intensive research disciplines.

The infrastructure includes hardware (computers, storage media, network devices), the server rooms, software and support services necessary for the operation of the helpdesk. ETAIS infrastructure is in compliance with international cloud and high performance computing infrastructures and follows the best practices of the field.


ETAIS logo and design elements (including T-shirts).