ETAIS-2 has kicked off

The four parties of ETAIS consortium have started a new project to make ETAIS great again.

University of Tartu, Tallinn University of Technology, National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics and Information Technology Foundation for Education have started a new ETAIS project that aims to integrate the infrastructures created during the previous ETAIS project and improve data storage. A brand new component of ETAIS project will be a self-service portal that allows users to access the resources regardless of their location or operating system used.

The ETAIS infrastructure will continue to be divided between the institutions – the project’s main goal is to optimise resources and share costs (mainly staff and electricity) between partners. It is also important that the project’s partners create a shared knowledge base and therefore improve the quality of the ETAIS services.

The project consists of the following sub-projects:

  • Setting up cloud service
  • Setting up a self-service portal
  • Renewal of the authentication system TAAT (TAAT2)
  • Increasing computing and data storing capability (additional hardware)
  • Implementing information security system ISKE
  • Starting a new and more lively website for ETAIS project :)

The project is funded by European Regional Development Fund.