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Computing servers

0.012 euros per CPU core hour or
0.012 euros per 6 GB of memory/hour.
0.5 euros per GPU hour.

Memory usage is calculated by 6 GB segments.
(price depends on the use of which resource is greater). 

Accounting of the use the computing servers is based on the amount of memory (with 1 unit being equal to 6 GB of RAM/h) and processors (with 1 unit being equal to 1 core hour) allocated to the user’s job(s).

Storage space

80 euros per 1 TB per year
In case of 2x replicated data, 160 euros per 1 TB per year.
A copy stored on tape costs 30 euros per 1 TB per year.
Replicated + tape stored data costs 190 euros per 1 TB per year.

Virtual server hosting

0.003 euros per core hour
0.0013 euros per RAM(GB) hour
0.138 euros per SSD storage (TB) hour
(billing is the sum of used resources cost)

Billing example: in case of a virtual server m.xsmall flavor with 1 processor core, 1GB of ram and 10GB of SSD storage space allocated for it, will cost 10.00324365 = 26 euros per year for the CPU and 10.001324365 = 11 euros per year for RAM and 1/100.13824*365 = 120 euros per year for the storage space

LUMI (Large Unified Modern Infrastructure)

0.008 EUR/CPU core/hour
0.35 EUR/GPU/hour
User home directory: free
Project storage (persistent and scratch): 0.0106 EUR/TB/hour
Flash based scratch storage is billed at the rate 10 x 0.0106 EUR/TB/hour